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Sara's Tale (Chapter 7) Rose Petals

It was my first back in the house since they took away my flower. It seemed so lifeless. The ways once splashed with colors seemed gray. The floors seemed to creek louder and the cold wrapped around you as soon as you crossed the threshold. This isnt the place I remembered. As I followed down the hall I looked at the floor and saw what looked like rose petals on the ground near the door of the guest bedroom. I was quite intrigued. Master was never a romantic man. Him and Mistress never showed emotion towards each other, not at least in front of me. It always seemed as if she they business partners rather than lovers. I decided to take a step back and get a closer look. As soon as I got close enough to the door to peek in, Mistress noticed I was not behind her. "Sarah, I know you aren't snooping around my house." I ran up to her, almost is I was never from behind her. She turned around and looked at me. "Have a seat in the palor, I be in a second." I walked into the parlor and had a seat on the bench near the window. I looked out into the field where I spent majority of life. Even though it was getting close to winter, when I looked out the window it was late spring. Everything was bloom and there was much work to be done in the field. I could see Jim Paul working hard, with the sweating pouring down his back as he swung his hoe back and forth. Singing that song he used to always sing. He looked up to the window and waved to me. I waved back smiling from ear to ear. "What are you doing? There is no one there." Mistress growled as she entered the parlor. I looked down at the ground, my mind had escaped me again. These small moments outside of my mind are the only thing that have kept me from going insane. "Sarah, I called you in here today to talk to you about something very important. I have never cared for you Sarah. You have always had your nose in the air almost as if you don't belong in that field." I looked up in disbelief. How could she feel this way? Has she forgotten that I was the slave and she was the master."And that Jim Paul, he was no good. Always making eye at me from the field." My blood slowly began to boil in my veins, I looked down to see my hands were shaking, and my reflection in the mirror showed that i had began to cry. Even though tears were running down my face all I could feel was anger and all I could see was red."Thats why I had him sent away, I was not going to let him take advantage of me, or hurt my children." That was the last straw, I no longer could control myself, my mind had escaped me. I was not myself. I stood before her, as she sat there looking at me with a blank stare. "Dont you DARE say anything about Jim Paul! He was a good man, He never stole, He never lied, and NEVER hurt anyone!" She looked down into her cup of tea, then back up at me laughing softly. "Thats why you didn't deserve him." I backed away from her. My feet kept moving without my control, until I found myself against the wall, cringing. Did she really just say what i think she said. Tell me I did not deserve the love of the one man and only man I ever gave my heart too. The one man who gave me my first and only flower, Annabelle. She stood up. "I wanted him. He was so strong, and smart, and you are so weak, He needed to be with me but Master would not let me bring him in the house. So I sent for him to meet me in the barn, I told him I needed him to help me tend the animals. I tried to seduce him. He big strong arms around me, made me feel like I had never felt before. He resisted me. I became so angry, how could he choose you over me? I had to have him sent away. So I told Master he raped me. I couldn't having telling people that I came on to a slave. More importantly that he choose you over me. I became even more angry with you, the only thing that stood between me and him. I wanted nothing more but for you to be unhappy. When Annabelle was old enough I decided to take her away from you too." "STOP IT, just stop..." I interrupted, but to no avail she continued to punish me with her horrible truths, and than it hit me, as I listened to her, I didn't smell any food, I ddin't hear anything moving in the house, no cleaning, children, nothing. Where was Annabelle? I ran out of the room, I didnt care what else she had to see, I let her take away my Jim Paul but my flower was not going to be next. I ran back into the hall, where I thought I had saw the rose petals, I slowly approached the red spots to see that they were not rose petals at all, but spots of blood.They led all the way up to the window where glass was busted out. My mind automatically began to race. What had become of my flower?

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