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Battle I am sitting here, open heart and empty hand looking to the filler I used to be in change of this But now its unfamiliar Its calls me in the night and makes its so that I cant sleep As much as I try to fight I know I am incomplete Give me something I can reach To bring some understanding I look for help in all directions But the need is too demmanding As the tunnel draws near I loose the light and falter If only I had the strength to take this problem to the alter But I am scared. What will they think What will the say, I cant see past why is doesnt matter, And as I try to focus again my mind begins to scatter the thoughts come rushing in to fast to stop My inner being battling and than my heart drops And I am pulled in. When does it stop On the outside looking in I scare myself, who i am what am I doing this has to end. I look to the sky and send out my cry this monkey on my back it has to die I cant accept this defeat, this my last siren Lord Please hear me.... And my heart skipped a beat. The rain poured, I was scared I felt alone, but someone was there i was lifed up, and I looked down I was no longer on the ground As I floated through this space I looked around and saw no face I tried to gather myself, What matter of man? And it became clear as I looked down to see the footprints in the sand. You saved me.

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