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I love to see you broken. Tore down by this world, curled up, balled up, and throw away. Because this is the time that god has blessed me to see the beauty in your venerability. These arms become walls to block you from harm, and this shoulder your box of Kleenex. My ears perform your personal physiological session, alleviating any insecurity. I want to be a superhero for you. Healing you with words unspoken, that can only be shared by a stare, a moment of unbroken longing, giving you my strength through my embrace. And even if I cant make you laugh, I will try because I know that you will appreciate the effort, and you would that a your smile is my goal, and I playing to win. When you broken, I look at each piece, and see how you should be put together, ensure that the next time, you wont break so easily, because I am building you back up with a new ingredient, pieces of me, and though these pieces aren’t perfect, combined with your pieces they have a power unknown to both of us. Together we are greater than your struggle, stronger than your broken pride, and better than your insecurities. And I would put every needed ounce of me into your reconstruction, because I just can’t wait for you to look in the mirror and see the beautiful surprise of what we have built together. There isn’t a stronger union. Because though it may seem shallow at times, this love runs deep, and I will drown to keep you afloat because you mean that much to me. So when you feel low, incomplete and alone, come find me, because I love to see you broken, because that is my chance to give you the best of me….

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