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Letters From Mississippi: 10.03.09

Ode to Tersheia, God works in such mysterious ways. On thursday during the midst of all the happenings of the last updates something told me to check my P.O. Box. I walked down the campus post office, anticipating the usual disappointment, when I looked in my box to see that I had a letter! It was beautifully decorated, with hearts and shapes, on the front and back. It brought so much joy to my soul. I later opened the letter to find a $20 dollar blessing inside the envelope. During the time of my trail with the tire, I had no funds. So this financial contribution helped me to get through this situation. So I want to take this time to personally thank Tersheia Langston, for being my blessing in disguise! And the Search Ends! So after weeks of relentless searching, mall searching and online cruising for employment, the search has ended! I am officially employee of the AppleBee's of Clinton, MS. The decision was a difficult one to settle on. The Hourly is $2.13, but the tips are said to make what you make up to more than minimum wage. The staff is filled with colorful characters who personalities are unmatched. Monday is my official day. When I walk through those doors, I will be in uniform. Lost In Translation: These are some of the following terms that people down here in the Delta use, that I found to be pretty interesting: whooty: white girl with a booty fitna: about to.... friendgirl: homegirl, girlfriend friendboy: homeboy, boyfriend jew: dude, man (example, ay jew, seen my friend girl?) The Outsiders During my time down here I have met some pretty uncaptivating people to say the least. Holding a conversation has become more difficult than finding a job. As i was about to lose hope I was crossed paths with some kindred spirits. It was amazingly ironic that the only people I hang out with are also not not from this state. There is David, from Atlanta. He is a humorous kid who always has something to say about something, he is a crowd favorite among the ladies on campus. Q is from California. A real laid back kind of guy, who has a joke ready for any occasion. We have decided to ban together, joining forces to combat the ignorance we face on campus on a daily basis. It helps to know that I am not going through this alone. There are people out here who are seeing what I am seeing and hearing what I am hearing! (also without comprehension)

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