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RELENTLESS YOURS, (Alarm Clock to Awakening)

7:30 A.M. The alarm goes off, I wake up, and my dreams end. The reality of everyday sets in and any unrealistic ideals fade away. Time to seek achievement, make the most of my day, and take advantage of my opportunities, while on the other side of the street.... A body rises while the potential lays dormant. He heads for the door, delusional to his being, with a deranged sense of purpose. His sense of establishment is almost depleted, much like his bank account. "I shouldn't have brought that dime." Now he is high, hungry, and broke, but he thinks "I can just get (her) to buy me something to eat." and she will, thinking it will get her closer to his heart, but what she doesn’t know is that he doesn't know how to use it, he just knows how to use her, because all that emotional stuff don't matter. So he continues to employ, one after another, leaving behind a chain of fools, with broken hearts, that will only continue to look for the right man, in the wrong skin, because they are continually looking for him... and so is he. One day the thought will cross his mind, "What am I doing, Where am I going?" and than he will just hit the jay again, and the thoughts will leave, along with the ambitions, motivations, and the will to be more than just a customer. His light disposition gives way to a dark future, as he sits waiting for someone to save him. She comes along but he doesn’t she his savior because she blinds him with affection, becoming part of his affliction. Instead of building him, she watches him fall apart, but she loves him.... As the night falls I return to my building, with a small sense of accomplishment. Even though I haven't won the war, I am celebrating my small victories. While on the side of the street he sits with his boys waiting for her to come and break him off, when really she is breaking him down, emotionally, and physically. One day she will catch on, whether it is after that first abortion, or after that third trip to the clinic. It will make sense that he doesn’t love her, and she can’t love someone because she doesn’t love her. If she didn’t this wouldn’t have happened. And one day he will see, when the dime doesn't do the job it used to, and when her sex doesn’t feel the same. When the light shines through the blinds, and the alarm goes off, he will wake up. And than the nightmares he left behind will turn into his dreams for tomorrow. I pray this prayer for my friend across the street..... Amen. It’s time to wake up.

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