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ETHNICITY: A Brand Emerging

EthniCITY Brand: a name synonyms with Fashion in the DMV area for years, has reached a new level. A culmination of fashion observation from all over the world, Brand Creator Desmond Handon brings his world view back home with the premier of the EthniCITY Brand 2017 Collection. The mood was set upon arrival when entering the very unique and inspiring 4-D Studios. After a few complimentary glasses of wines, we were seated. and the show began. A distinctive sectional runway, flowed with fashions that spoke to various consumers, Some pieces sparkled, specifically the shimmering mini dress, that stole the show. Snapchat Enthusiast and Show Goer Erin Owings said "I want that on my body, now." as the show stopper hit the runway. It walked so beautifully, showcasing the right amount of flounce and bounce with coming across as figure skating uniform. Another crowd favorite: The black column gowns. Matched with the crafty styling really showcased a eclectic type of woman, who is innovative, yet understands the finer points of classic silhouettes. The collection was large and showcased the designer's years of fashion cultivation and study. EthniCITY surely left a lasting impression on attendees, marking this designer as one to watch for seasons to come.

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