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Vices Lets be real, we all have that one thing, that when it crosses your mind, there is nothing you can do until you obtain it. It consumes you, your thought process, and the decisions that you make under the influence of the mindset it puts you in. Vices can be small or great. They vary in different mediums, it can be anything from a alcoholism, to the need for affection. Vices are strong, and hard to fight, and usually after you satisfy that need, you are usually left with the aftermath of the path you destroyed getting to it, whether its a loss of dignity or destruction of your morals. Facing your vice can be scary because you began to think about what would happen if you never fulfill that need again. Its a terrifying thought but what can be even more scary is facing your self after seeing what you put yourself through getting to that point. Denying your morals. Discarding your regards for the feelings and thoughts of others.Disrespecting your family, or friends, and most importantly yourself. To key to a controlling your vice is knowing that you have one. Denial can be strong, but your will can be stronger if you believe it to be. A vice can be defeated. You mind gives you windows,when you know your doing wrong or conplusing over your vice, you usually have a moment of clarity when you ask yourself, what I am doing? Seize that moment. Grab it and take action, that small window of time can be your life boat awa from the sea of destruction that can unfurl after trying to satisfy that Vice for a long time. Vices can break you, if you let them. A person who's vice may be a need to feel wanted, may go on a bender, chasing sexual partners to fulfill that desire of filling that void. This could lead to an even larger feeling of emptiness, disease, and even death. A person who's vice is always needing to be better, can result in anguish, and a lack of social interaction due to the over competitive behavior. Fighting the Vices: Prayer- It is the strongest weapon there is. Even though you may not think you know how to use it, it is as simple as opening your mouth. Conditioning- Not to be confused with repressing, but whenever you feel the urge conflict it with another, everytime you feel the need to be held, grab a book, when you feel the need to get a drink, go for a run, when your mind begins to feed you thoses thought, counter them. My favorite: Write- writing frees your mind. It is the most alleviating experience I know. I put on the Lauryn Hill Uplugged CD and juet put my fingers to the keys or my pen to the paper. When my mind starts to send me for a loop I immediately began to emancipate my mind. A vice can only get as strong as you allow it. Dont give it the power. You can win. Believe in your heart that you are stronger than what your are facing. Any addiction, any habit, any thing that comes your way. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

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