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AUTUMN'S AUTOGRAPH: Finally Alright...

Before I could barely sleep And then I learned to dream Because even things are tough right now They aren’t always as they may seem I before could barely walk But now I am learning to crawl Taking time to see things around me When before I was running up the wall Back than I could barely hear But now I hear you with my eyes Seeing more and more of me in you Falling deeper and deeper with time In the past there were things I couldn’t see And now the view is so clear The sun is shining everyday Brighter, now that you are here In time I will learn to finally Express to you the way that i feel Taking time out everyday to make sure that i heal The past will always be the past so we must focus on right now the future is almost on its way So baby why dont you stick around So stay… just stay Because its finally, alright So stay… just stay Because I love you here Tonight Today, Tomorrow and Forever Finally, Alright together

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