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I want you to sit there and tell me everything you think is wrong with me

Look me in the eye and tell me what I should change

Tell me how you hate the way I act around your friends

And how you think I am so derranged

But you say you love me....

.Am I something or someone different than what you see?

These flaws you said I love you too

The whole time you were trying to change me

Which is something you said you'd never do

So here we are.....

Now I am not good enough,

Now you think I am week

I guess cause your friend's man do that

I guess I am supposed to kiss your feet

Yes I am your man

But no I am not your slave

Invested so much time

Hours, Minutes, and Days

Just trying to make you happy....

But it was never good enough

When you used to laugh now you on smerk

You talk about to OUR friends

Dont you think that hurts?

I aint a quitter, I am just really really tired of trying....

So here I stand Flaws and all

Arms stretched outMy head downyet standing tall

Except me......

You turn away, and that the end

Your so done and moving on

I am no good for you, So you pretend

I guess that explains this broken bond

Someone else will love me...

But only because I love myself

Can you say the same?

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