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This is not a poem but written it stanzas, its a little rough just something I thought of on the elevator today, I hope it translates.... I found it; it has been gone for so long, Buried under the rebel, after the destruction I searched and searched for it, and here it is My smile has returned. Through it all, I have finally found happiness. Before I couldn’t see the silver lining on the clouds Because my clouds were filled with rain And when you look up at the sky in the midst of a storm All you see is the rain coming at you And that was all I could feel The sky coming at me, falling down on me, adding so much pressure that at times I could not breathe But those days are over, because I found it It feels like home now like sunny days ahead, and storms behind, I feel the warmth from the sun the rays will help the heal scars that came with the hurricane I am better already and on my way to be great… again. I am so glad that its finally here, seeing it makes my heart swell I am smiling all day, and through everything Its finally come home, I found my smile, and I will never let it go There are always thieves, who want to take it, but like a parent I will do what I must to protect it from harm because it means so much to me, my smile is my life When it was gone, I was gone. But there is no need to revisit that place because its here… But for how long? I hope forever…. I pray forever….

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