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1. Lets Get the important stuff out of the way... Which Golden Girl are you?

-So, if I didn't have to pick two, it would be a middle ground between Blanche and Dorothy, but I think I might be more Dorothy than Blanche

2. What is a key component you would say is missing from radio play currently?

Hmm, I would say diversity and balance. We've got only a bunch of the same. Where are the soul songs, where are the different songs musically? Where are the diverse females? We need more of more and less of the norm.

3. If you had to choice to grow up in any era (60's,70's, 80's etc) which one would you choose and why?

Honestly, I think I grew up in the perfect era, born in the 80's grown up in the 90's and 00's. I was exposed to so much with my family being proponents of culture and history, so to be able to have 90's hip hop and r&b, cartoons, the beauty of women and the time before the internet took over. Loved my time growing up!

4. Do you have someone you want to make proud with your musical accomplishments outside of yourself?

My parents. I was raised a christian, so that Honor thy mother and father thing has stuck with me so very much. They gave their lives for me, so, I want to make sure that I honor what they taught me and who they influenced me to be.

5. How did the SoulNerds Unite?

I was in undergrad at The University of the Arts in Philly and a friend, Ian was a grad student. I had written like 2 songs. He and I gelled on the arrangements of jazz tunes we'd perform and first started a trio to book some jazz gigs. Then he introduced me to some of his music, and we started writing. We decided that we should start a band. He asked a young drummer and guitar player. They linked us with a keyboard player, and I asked two of my best friends to sing. The people have changed, but the idea of the SoulNerds still exists; a group of musicians who believe in honesty and integrity in each moment while honoring the history of the music made.

6. Dream Duet.... who and what song?

Geez... The first person I think of is Stevie Wonder, and it would probably be singing Donny Hathaway's, "Love, Love, Love" Strange, yeah, but this is the first thing that came to my head hahaha

7. Musically name your 3 biggest influences. (Doesn't have to just be other artist)

Stevie Wonder, My dream band which would be a combination of a Fender Rhodes, Toms, Upright Bass, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Flute, Cello, Voice, and Brasilian Samba

8. What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Goodness, umm... probably sex HAHAHAHA, actually nah, I don't feel guilty about that-um, maybe my secret love of Young Thugs newest album LOL

9. What song of yours is connected your most memorable moment?

Gosh, that's a really good question. Each song, I wrote with a moment, or several moments in mind. But one that makes me smile in this moment is "My Love". I wrote this song when fully committed to loving a man, but then I realized it was bigger than this man. I wrote it on my Ukulele, KiKi. At a PACKED show I did at Ella Lounge in NYC, with my full band, I didn't know if the mic for the Uke was working, so I apologized to the audience and said, my guitarist will start the song. My friend instead started chanting, " UK-E-LE-LE! UK-E-LE-LE" and the whole audience did it together. So, i started it on my Uke. This song for me is a love letter, and I hope everyone can feel love like that moment everyone was chanting "UK-E-LE-LE"

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