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The Power Rangers have been on my mind a lot as of late; not sure if it's nostalgia or I subconsciously just want to be part of the resurgence of their popularity, just as is the case with Pokémon Go. I'm sure there are a good amount of people who won't admit they still love Power Rangers (and Pokémon), for me it's not a guilty pleasure and so I present to you several things I've learned from the original series.

1: Self Confidence

While the episodes jam packed with action, the producers still managed to pack in plenty of positive morals and ideals. I can't forget the battle Billy the blue ranger had with Madam Woe, a powerful villain who had taken the rangers to an alternate dimension in hopes that she could defeat them more easily, once and for all. Billy advised the team to combine powers to transport one of them back to our realm where her powers will be weakened. I was surprised and delighted that Billy was chosen to lead the team to victory this episode, I too was bookish, and shy but his team was counting on him. After having been shocked, frozen knocked around and slung relentlessly, Billy was able to snatch off the crystal on the Madam’s forehead and crushed it into dust, leaving her enervated. This was empowering to watch.

2. Diversity

The Power Rangers looked like all of us! Well mostly all of us. Black, Asian, white, Latino and plenty of females to represent and not in sexist or trite portrayals either. Each ranger had their own character development and growing up it felt like I knew them. Take Kimberly and Zack for instance. The pink and black ranger, respectively loves gymnastics and the other hip hop and dancing; which they both incorporate into their fighting styles, on a Japanese show, taking place in America!

3. Friendship

Monsters may come at you every day, but with the right team, you'll be just fine. The rangers were always concerned for one another and didn't hesitate to pick up the slack when a comrade fell. The rangers were always rolling deep and appeared to be great friends in the show, I always imagined HS being like that when I grew up.

4. Teamwork

Yes, we know the green/white ranger Tommy kicked ASS, we have to admit he was notoriously over powered but I guess that's what the producers were going for. Despite this, he does get defeated a few times and is even turned evil briefly. Even the green ranger needs a little help and that's how we get the likes of the Dragon Megaword and later the White Tiger Thunder Megazord later on. This in and of itself exemplifies that we can combine our resources to do great things and still be valuable on our own. The rangers had great synergy with Tommy, do you remember when he shared his armor with the red ranger? EPIC.

5. Image is everything

Since I started looking back over old clips and watching commentary, I feel that I could go on forever about what one could learn from watching Power Rangers But I think we can all agree that the most important lesson we could ever possibly learn is how to pose for the camera when the whole squad is lit, I don't think I need to write any more. Just Google Power Ranger Poses. No, really do it!

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