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PROBLEM CHILD (The Insecurities of Me)

It has always me how easily you can see through a person. How you can spend less than 1 hour with a person, but will be able to tell them all the things they should fix about themselves, point out all there flaws, even go as far as to judge them. The irony of it all is that when you go home and look in the mirror you see nothing but porcelain, clean, and flawless skin. When we all know that things aren't they easy, breezy, or beautiful. Its a subconscious thing. We all know that we are not perfect but some of us are just less amble to admitting them and in this is wherein the problem lies. One would believe that someone who is living with knowledge of their imperfections would be less animate about throwing rocks at the glass house, but it seems the ones throwing the rocks are always the ones who are riding their bikes back to an even bigger glass house than the one they were throwing rocks at. Even in writing this, I can call into question so many flaws, enough to write a book, hence (The Insecurities of Me).

Even with these in mind I write to inspire to insult or to gain any type of recognition by knowing what problems other struggle with. I have enough problem friends to created a scripted HBO series about but the only problem that I am focusing on me, because this problem child is the center of my problems. What most people fail to realize is that most things in our life happen because we allow them. We over analyze because we get impatient, (guilty) we accuse before getting caught, (guilty) and we often cut in fear of waiting to be cut (awaiting the jury's answer on that one) These are things that we cant change overnight. If so everyone in the world would be perfect and that is not how we were created or expected to exists. I believe that god created up imperfectly to unless to embark on the journey of finding yourself through life, which I think we can agree on, is no "cake walk" (as they would say 1956) In the end, the beauty of the journey is finding out who you are that end and applying the lessons you learned along the to making sure that you never return to that previous state. Being able to look in the mirror seeing those flaws and loving them, looking at that lazy eye, and realizing that you are blessed because not every has that unique feature, and at least you can see out it. I am looking forward to the moment when this Problem Child inside of me becomes a Progressed Man, but my journey is still underway. I just know I hope to see all of my friends when I get there.....

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