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#HAPPYFATHERSDAY Jehry Robinson does this for his Dad and to Dads Everywhere.

Father's Day has unfortunately become a somewhat controversial holiday. With the efforts of stand up father figures being overshadowed by stories of deadbeats and single mothers, the necessity of an anthem to dad who care, nurture, and set an example is dire. Jehry Robinson salutes his father on this touching tribute. He recalls all the essentials moments of struggle and moments that should have dented his father's armor, but he withstood and remained a beacon of manhood for his son. No man, or person for that matter is perfect, but father's who try and set the example deserve a tribute, and Jehry Robinson has created. Now if you excuse me, after watching this I have a call to make, and you should too. Kudos Jehry Robinson, and Happy Father's Day.

catch more of Jehry Robinson's music HERE!

Follow him on social media @jehryrobinson on twitter & instagram

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