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With the official fist of summer right around the corner, (June 20th) Team Lion Babe strikes again with my personal new anthem for the season of sweat! The Dynamic Duo fresh off the beats of their first official album release, "Begin" Jillian and Astroraw are shooting out vibes of sunshine with this sound rich ode to Summer, and I can't help but move once I hear those ocean waves. Lion Babe premiered this Pride celebration a few days ago, and the mixtape #SUNJOINT should be dropping soon, and I for one, CAN NOT WAIT. Even though I will never stop dancing to "Treat Me Like Fire" and it all its mixes, "Endless Summer has quickly reached Anthem status. I am already planning to enter rooms, or pull up to the scene blasting the sounds of the ocean waves on this track. Lion Babe is setting the scene for major memories with the juicy jam.

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