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Her Tears match the cords on her violin, She plays through her pain, and ties to maintain composure But She Cant As if anyone could if they knew her pain How having no father almost drove her insane A mother who blames her for things unknown A lover who only wants to leave her alone but she wont let him She is afraid to be like her mother the same woman who gave her a brother only to send him away and leave her to wonder why she was never good enough and the violin cries With music notes as tears She tries to convey her passionate fears of a future she is scared to embrace She plays on praying for a breakthrough through broken prayers She is playing so hard She has shaken out her hair but the audience doesnt feel her She can longer hold back the notes she had started to play seemed to somehow have lost their place She was completely on another page Now she is playing from her heart The rest of the band is completely lost She is now fallen down to her knees playing her way through a much need release a soundtrack that would take her to freedom Free from it all From mamma lies Free from the guilt filled eyes now she can see who she really is In her final number She is playing for her life Playing for that final chance to be that lover, that friend, that wife that woman who looks back at her from the mirror She can See the strings begin to tear She is now floating, playing without a beat She stops to breathe And the auidence jumps to their feet A standing ovation She is finally free Freed through her music.

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