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RELENTLESSLY YOURS, (A Piece of My Mind: Love)

Staring at ceiling laying on my back, as Eyrkah Badu puts in the mood for thinking... I can help but to once again wonder about this thing that people obsess over. This feeling, but not quite an emotion, that makes the crazy, sane, and the sane crazy. This thing called Love.

People (including myself at one point) would do anything just to have some say these words to them. Enduring embarrassing marketing tactics to get attention on websites, buying those jeans and that top you know you have no business wearing just to get someone to look at you at the club, and than what happens, you get the attention that the outfit deserves which ends up not being the attention you need, but you put up with end just so you wont have to be alone.

Find the peace in solidarity is not easy. It took me a long time to get to this place that I am finally in but i can honestly say I am glad to be here. I have realized that spending time shaping someone into what I need or want, is time wasted on bettering myself for someone who is deserving of what I have to offer. This realization came after I realized that I had something to offer in the first place. By this I mean more than sex, more than money, more than a good laugh, and more what than next man can give. I have to offer a piece of myself, which I value more than any gift I can give, or receive. I am learning more and more with each day to love myself, and with loving who I am, I can learn to love someone else for who they are.

Beauty doesnt run deep. If you ever notice when you go to the club, you see the same girls, dressed in the same way, dancing the same way, and saying the same thing. When your an individual you can see right through the facades. Through the track, the acrylic, and the face paint (lol), because you seek something deeper. Building a relationship or friendship based off of physical attribute will only give you a strong building on a shaky foundation, because beauty fades, and muscle turns to fat so what you see now may not be there forever. Finding out what your getting yourself into before you get into it usually helps to provide longevity in your endeavors. Unless thats not what you seek. If you plan to be a minute lover, than go out there and be the best minute lover you can be, but when those minutes turn to hours, and those hours turn to days and you start to do the math, the numbers will catch up with you, and your resume wont seem so appealing.

I guess what anyone can take from this,is that Love, (looking for love, finding love, and being in love) is what you make it. If you invest time and pay attention to what is going on, and who you are getting involved with along with keeping in tune with who you are in relation to your situation, you should be successful in love. If all else fails you can always get a pet!

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