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1. How many pageants have you competed in (in total) and how many titles have you earned?

I had won seven totally pageants altogether in twenty years: 1996: B96 (Local), 1999: Junior Pageant (Local), 2002: Church Pageant/Homecoming King (Local), 2005: Mr. Black Student Union (Local), 2009: Mr Black Deaf America (National), 2014 Mister Deaf United States (National), and 2014 Mister Deaf International (2014).

2. As a member of Phi Beta Sigma, do you feel there is enough representation for people in the community of the hearing impaired? Did you find it the pledging difficult outside the rigor that already ensues?

I do feel there enough represent through the deaf community which we don’t recall it hearing impairment. It wasn’t difficult but it challenged for me because I was first to pledged that organization since there several deaf who pledged mostly Alpha Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta. I like to bring another favor into the deaf community to have an opportunity for our next generation to decide to choose instead of limit to accessible of their communication and relationship with others.

3. What is dating like for the Deaf King?

Well, it strange because I am the one who brought up the name brand since 2009 called “Deaf King” because I just a winning those pageant year after year until I decided to go the final chapter of my life which was international back in 2014 and won that so; I came up with other brand called: Mr. Deaf International King.. Mostly, people called me Mr. Deaf King, Mr. King, The King, Deaf King, International King, or Mr. Deaf International King. Just that one person have that vision of me winning the deaf international pageant is Mr. Fred Beam back in 2004 when I was in Japan with WIldZapper Deaf Dance group and I was a young kid on the block and mostly guys are older. One song where I was in the middle as “the future” he signing song me and saying one day you will be a king of the world. That where it started here.

4. What is the process in which you choose the songs you make videos for? Do you have a team that pulls it all together or do you cast, create and produce

It was all happens back in 2007, when I go for an audition for Gallaudet Homecoming show concert and somehow my dance and signing song skill was off the chain. So, I turned around and asked my collegiate buddy/brother Mr. Russell Harvard to team up and we agreed to do one song called “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake with Timberland. During, senior year they had ASL music video contest and I just decide to pick a song that I really want to do and put it out there in deaf community. Then, I won first place and it on going throughout today. After year and year, it depends on each company/agency who I worked with just cast me in role of doing their music video for promo through a national wide. Mostly, I did independent because I like to build up my brand on my own other than them building me.

5. As Aarron Loggins, what have been your greatest accomplishment and your greatest defeat?

That good question; my greatest accomplishment is that when I won and became Mister Deaf International that change the landscape for both African-American and Deaf Community. The reason is because I broke the barrier for being the first deaf African-American to win both. It was not easy because not over million have done this in this type of industry. Why not me am the first who conquer the industry?

6. As Mr. Deaf International what is your personal mission? What does the world need to know about Mr. Deaf International and Aarron Loggins?

As Mr. Deaf International; my personal mission to empower people both hearing and deaf around the world, not just USA other country. I had learn and spoken least four languages; English, American Sign Language, Spanish, and Universal Sign Language. The world needs to know who I am and my movement to bring in this industry. Believe In YOURSELF is my movement to help people conquer by believing in himself/herself.

7. When you aren't being Mr. Deaf International, what are some of Aarron's favorite things to do and places to go?

My favorites things to travel around the world to explore about life, listen to music, going to the gym three or four times a week, audition for showcases/play/film, going on tour, and just enjoying my life.

8. Tupac or Biggie?

I am big fan of both Tupac and Biggie. I see west coast movement and the east coast movement. When I was born and raised in Chicago; I hearing lot of Tupac since I am Midwest and hearing Biggie afterward. There no such as favors but I do love Tupac and Biggie because they not just put out there as only music; they put out there as our movement. I always called Tupac “Rap King” and Biggie “King of East’.

9. Whats on the next level for Aarron Loggins?

Oh BOI YEAAH!! Aarron Loggins got show coming up in summer and fall along with play and film. Also, I will be meeting with ASL Kids organization about setting up new chapter in DC area. My passion to give back to our deaf children who have hearing parent don’t teach them sign and give them more resources to help reach their education. Our deaf children having trouble with hearing parent from AGE 0-5 don’t communicate through sign so it helps benefit them and especially in our minorities’ community as well. One last thing, I will be creating Believe In YOURSELF foundation too as well to help our disabilities children to conquer and build their self-esteem.

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